New Fall 2015 Schedule at the HUB on Canal

French Lite: Survival Skills

An introduction to French culture and practical 101 dialogues prepare you for a trip to France or provides a soft launch into the language.

  • Tuesdays at 3pm and/or 4:30pm depending on season: Inquire!
  • Six 1-hour lessons: $75.00

Ongoing Beginners

If you are unsure about your level just give us a call (386.402.0124), and together we will decide which class would be the best fit.

  • Monday at 2pm, Level 2; and Monday at 4pm, Level 1
  • Subscription covering 8 classes: $95.00

Ongoing Intermediate

If you are comfortable with basic conversations in French this may be the class for you.

  • Tuesday at 1pm
  • Subscription covering 8 classes: $95.00

Note: Informed absences are not counted against your subscription! So you can enroll in French without worrying about taking a break for visits, vacations and/or medical appointments.

  • For more information or to sign up, phone (386) 402.0124, or email
  • If a class if full, your name will be added to a waiting list. A minimum of 3-4 people are needed to start a new class and classes are limited to six participants.

Le quatorze juillet 2015 au HUB

Le quatorze juillet 2015 au HUB

French for Everyone

Classes and activities tailored to your needs

For students, for seniors, for those who who have studied French in the past and those who who are trying it for the first time, we have a class or an activity just for you!

  • ‘Challenge Your Mind’ French conversation for all levels
  • Ongoing classes at the Hub on Canal
  • Travel Preparation and Survival Skills

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What Happens in the Brain When You Learn a Language?

Scans and neuroscience are helping scientists understand what happens to the brain when you learn a second language

“…Even more encouraging is that bilingual benefits still hold for those of us who do not learn our second languages as children. Edinburgh University researchers point out that millions of people across the world acquire their second language later in life: in school, university, or work, or through migration or marriage. Their results, with 853 participants, clearly show that knowing another language is advantageous, regardless of when you learn it.”

Did you know that learning a new language is one of the best workouts you can give your brain?

Oui! Experts and recent research all agree.

If you had any doubts about exposing your child – or yourself – to a foreign language, there’s more evidence than ever that being bilingual has enormous benefits for your brain. READ IT

Learning a language: preventative medicine?

…a few researchers have begun exploring the question of whether language proficiency affects disease outcomes — does bilingualism, in other words, help stave off certain illnesses? Bialystok has studied people suffering from dementia and she believes that the healthier bilingual brain actually weathers the ravages of aging better than a monolingual one.READ IT

French is fun, and it’s good for you. Alors?

Si j’etais president

A fun encounter with the French conditional.


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